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This blog is dedicated to Mr Ilaiyaraaja (IR), the legend of “Music” – Music of any form !

All the links and pictures about the song and score sheet shall be and remain the copyright to Ilaiyaraaja and request the readers of the blog to obey the same.

I have structured the blog content as follows:
  1. Introduction – As you are reading now
  2. Song, Score sheet and Lyric – Full song and Full sheet and the Lyric is presented here to familiarize the reader
  3. Prelude – here the Prelude is put up in pieces few bars each – corresponding score sheet lines are repeated on top of this section
  4. Pallavi – presented in the same way as above
  5. First Interlude - – presented in the same way as above
  6. Charanam – presented in the same way as above
  7. Pallavi Return - presented in the same way as above
  8. Second Interlude – presented in the same way as above
  9. Summary Notes – To put up few additional points of mine
  10. Further Notes - on Song and Score sheet – By self and Others who have contributed

This blog is my attempt to present and preserve the originally written IR Score Sheet for the song “Adho Andha Nadhiyoram” from the film “Ezhai Jaadhi”!

To show case IR’s ingenuity as well as to present the correlation of score sheet and the actual song.

The link below, (which I have been seeing since 2004), is the invaluable treasure, giving the Original score sheet

(I posted this links earlier in IR-yahoo-club also)

Though I felt that some time point of time, I will decipher this, but still now unable to do that.

Somebody someday will decipher (in next generation?) or atleast one can pass on this to others..!

Please listen to the above song (I have given the song links in bits and pieces correlating the corresponding portion of the score sheet, in this blog)

and while listening, just go on staring this score sheet image! If possible try to observe and correlate few patterns of the notes!

For umpteen number of times!

Happy Listening and Viewing!


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