Saturday, 3 October 2009


Few of my first impression :

This sheet shows only the orchestral part in prelude, pallavi, charanam and interludes.  Actual Song is not notated here.

The point I also want everybody to observe is that all his writings for the scores for the Orchestra are imagining the original song line (which he already completed), which he is not repeating here in these sheets, but "writing notes after notes for each corresponding notes of the song (remembering everything in mind)"

I agree that the image is lacking clarity, many notes are not clear. However, this sheet speaks millions and millions of thoughts to me and all of us!

One of the main thing I want everybody to note is the date and the time written by IR on the top most line.

"Time 7 AM" – Incredible punctuality of creativity!

After multiple time of staring at sheet and listening to song yesterday night, I am able to visualise the overall structure written in this sheet.

The song is in F# Minor (as per key signature at start).

The Time Signature is 2/4 meaning each bar has 2 beats.

One can see the notation for Chorus harmonised, Violin harmonised and Brass Harmonised and ALLLLLLLL......coming, joining and going at a time.

I can even say harmonised part is again harmonised....!

Another thing I am struck with awe in the Adho Andha Nadhiyoram sheet is about the different type of humming details which he is marking like "Aha" , Oh.." "lala laa" etc etc.

So its fixed! Everything is fixed!

Another aspect is IR’s way of notating and hand writing, a kind of shorthand, which only the technicians with him would know!

In spite of my reasonable theoretical bakground with plain printed notes, because of my ignorance of “musical shorthand” and its knowledge/skill, I am also not understanding so many points in this sheet.

Atleast 4000 plus score sheets, similar to this, shall be available just for songs alone.

Atleast 5 times to 10 times more sheets shall be available for BGMs !

Another thing is just this three-fourth page of Short-Score, if expanded in real Open Score form each song will have some 20 plus pages.

I am not talking about the Albums like How To Name It, Nothing But Wind, Thiruvasagam etc!

How many creative genius people have produced such quantum of work in any of their field?!

Even, in our Corporate world we don’t work and produce.... ...such output ! (leave alone the word creation)

With Quality and Consistency!

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